A little bit about me... Blenda Aycock

I loved growing up in West Texas. In High School I was on the debate team. I had dreams of going to Baylor University and becoming a lawyer. As life would have it, I married young and soon started a family. I have two children and an awesome husband.  We raised our children in a Christian home and loved working in the "church".  Teaching Sunday School to youth, helping in VBS and mission fundraisers were apart of our life.  We loved God - knew Jesus - and heard of Holy Spirit.  I can't say I really knew or understood the POWER of the Holy Spirit.

In March of 2005, 3 months before our son graduated from High School the enemy intruded in our lives.  I now know that intrusion is one way the enemy has access to a believer.  Life shifted - watch the intro to the DVD for details!  On August 8, 2006 this West TX. Lady said enough is enough.  Two dear friends ministered to me for deliverance.  This was a benefit of my salvation that I did not even know existed.  That day I stood on the authority of Jesus name and strongholds that had taken root when I was a child came down.  I continue to allow the Lord to refine and deliver me.  I was so excited about Walking In Freedom.  The Holy Spirit began to give me divine appointments to minister to others.  Most of the people I ministered to were mothers.  As they got free they begin to notice the same traits of bondage in their children.  I asked the Lord to give me simple tools to explain deliverance to a child.  Be careful what you ask for He may want you to put it on a DVD and share it with the World!!!

God is soooo awesome - He really did give me the desires of my heart.  When you minister for deliverance you are pleading the person's case in the very throne room of God.  Lies that hold them bound are exposed and truth is revealed.  John 8:32 says the Truth will set you free.  Isaiah 61 says Jesus came to set the captives free and release of darkness for the prisoners.  It is kind of like being a spiritual lawyer.  For the record I love representing kids!!!  Jesus said let the little children come unto me.   I think He had something to tell them.  Thank you for partnering with me for your freedom and the freedom of the next generation.

I am extremely grateful for my loving relationship with my family. I have been married to my husband David for 31 years. We have raised two amazing children, and Hollie's family has recently expanded. Our daughter Hollie Garcia and husband, Matt, of Paso Robles, CA, have a precious toddler, Kate. Our son Hunter Aycock is a newlywed with wife, Kelsey, of Abilene, Texas. We cherish the time we can spend with our children and granddaughter.

For The Sake of 1,   Blenda Aycock