Jeff Peters is one of the few Psalmists I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  At a recent Encounter week-end, I was blessed by his talent, but his musical talent alone was not what touched my spirit.  Jeff demonstrates a level of joy, spiritual insight, and spiritual choreography that elevates one’s sensitivity to the Holy Spirit.  His music and commentary added a tremendous quality to the Encounter.  I recommend Jeff wholeheartedly!  I am looking forward to our next opportunity to have Jeff come to our church and to function in his anointed handy work.  I can sum Jeff’s ministry up in one statement: GOD’s uses Jeff!

Dr. James A. Ross, Senior Elder
Twin Creeks Christian Center

I have both worked with Jeff and seen him lead at the church he serves on staff.  No matter where Jeff is serving or leading worship there is one thing that is so obvious to me.  Jeff is a man of character and integrity.  I cannot think of a more important trait than those characteristics.  Jeff has lead the worship for us in our ministry.  I cannot say enough about the anointing he moves in.  He is excited, loving and flows in such a fresh anointing.  His love for people and flexibility make it fun to work with Jeff.   It only takes using Jeff one time and you will without a doubt be having him back many times.  Get ready for a great time of celebrating Jesus when he comes to minister.

Don Babin - Evangelist

Jeff has led our entire church family into the Lord's presence during Sunday morning praise & worship.   He has also led small groups of us before Almighty God in quiet prayer meetings that go deep into the night.    Jeff is never the focus.    The Lord Jesus is always exalted.  

Bob Beaver - Pastor -  Christian Church of San Angelo

Jeff Peters is a very gifted worship leader. He has a tender and obedient spirit that ushers in the presence of God. A hunger to move deeper and lead the people into that intimate place where healing and deliverance can occur is Jeff’s heart. He has the rhythm of heaven and the heartbeat of the Father which so stirs people to experience the anointing of God in fresh new realms. As a psalmist the prophetic song of the Lord is released which encourages, edifies and lifts up. It is our privilege to recommend Jeff because he is a faithful one.

God Bless You,

Brad and Melba Burk
Prophetic Voice
Hillcrest Church
Dallas, Texas

Jeff and the Get Connected Ministries team have a sweet and sincere heart to lead students and adults towards the throne of God.  Jeff exudes a heart of a servant doing everything he can to make your decision in choosing Get Connected a blessing, all while honoring God in all he says and does. 

Kevin Rodriguez--Youth Director--First Baptist Church  Big Lake, TX


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