• The Chapel in the Vineyard is approximately 3,000 square feet. For a wedding configuration, the main room seats a maximum of 200 people.

  • For rehearsal dinners, receptions, banquets or other events requiring table and chair configuration, the main room will accommodate up to 96 guests using 60” tables seating 8 per table.

  • Outdoor courtyards and patio seating will accommodate an additional 200 plus guests.

  • Sound system facilities are present for any musical needs. (CD's, DJ, Live music, etc.)  Ample room for dancing, performances, etc. available.

  • Tent locations between the chapel and the vineyards are also available. You are responsible for all costs associated with the tent. There is an additional fee of $100 per tent for use of the property used for tent set up.

    What we provide:

  • The facility cleaned and ready.

  • Premier catering kitchen

  • Dressing rooms for bride and groom

  • Upgraded indoor restroom facilities

  • Tables and chairs for 200 guests. Additional chairs are available through local providers at your cost.

  • Use of sound system

  • Outdoor courtyards and patios

  • Selection of preferred vendors

  • Stunning views of the vineyard and sunsets

  • Use of 25 acre estate for wedding photo opportunities including beautiful shaded river backdrop/ stone bridge (“Matrimony Bridge”) with vineyard views, huge trees, even the largest burr oak tree in Tom Green County (“The Wedding Oak”).

    What you must provide:

  • Linens for tables (tables cannot be used uncovered), food serving ware (plates, silverware, etc.)

  • You must utilize a caterer for food service if you are having food. If you want to use a caterer not on our preferred vendor list, we must approve them in advance.

  • Security is required for any evening function and all functions serving alcohol. This is an additional charge to you.

  • No minors can be served alcohol or have access to alcohol.

  • Events serving alcohol require TABC certified server(s).

  • Tents and/or canopies

    What you can provide:

  • Decorations that do not have to adhere or in any way be attached to the structure. No exceptions will be made.

  • Bus or mass transportation to and from the event to reduce confusion and parking difficulties.

  • Valets for parking

  • Horse drawn carriage for grand entrance through the vineyard for bride and bridal party.

  • Free-standing flowers and decorations that will not harm the structure

  • Dripless candles and candelabras (locations to be approved by owner and to be extinguished immediately following service or event) No open flames allowed on outside courtyards or patio areas.